A collective of women artists dedicated to creating social-political art practice, was most active during the 1970′s and 1980′s. The members personalized issues by using women’s narratives as a key part of their installations and performances. All the topics they dealt with are still relevant today. In the 2000’s, Mother Art produced a video, a book, held a retrospectives, and participated in invitational exhibitions.


2013- Cal State San Marco, Arts and Lecture annual series, special showing 2013- Portland Community College, Sylvania campus, Screening of Mother Art Tells Her Story at Women in Art seminar

2013- Women’s International Film Festival, Beverly Hills, Winner of Best Script, for Mother Art Tells Her Story

2013- Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. Nominee, Best Short Documentary for Mother Art Tells Her Story, video in the following collections

2012– Mother Art Tells Her Story, 40 minute video documenting  Mother Art and her times. Shown at various locations in Los Angeles as preview.

2012-  ‘Venice Collection’ of the Special Collections Library, Mother Art Tells Her Story, California State University Long Beach

2012- San Francisco Documentary Festival  Mother Art Tells Her Story, as part of the program, Woman Warriors

2012- Screening of Mother Art Tells Her Story at Mazer Archive, West Hollywood, CA.

2011- Otis College of Art and Design, Preview Screening of Mother Art Tells Her Story as part of Getty initiative featuring artists’ work from 1945-1980 .  

1985- Gloria, “Artist Call,” video included in a compilation of works organized by Nancy Buchanan,

1985 Gloria, “Just A Minute”,  video selected for a video magazine, compiled and distributed by the California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA,

Feb 1985 Gloria, “L.A. Woman,”  performance and video event, Women’s Caucus For Art National Convention, Los Angeles, February, 1985


“Complicated Labor,”  Sesnon Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA,  February 2014

“Breaking In Two,”  Arena I Gallery, Santa Monica, CA,  February, 2012

“Doin’ It in Public,” Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, October 2011-January 2012

“Graphics in the Pursuit of Social Change,” University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach, September 2011

“Making It Together,” Bronx Museum, New York, curated by Carey Lovelace, March 2009

“Never Done: Exhibiting the Work of Women’s Collectives,” curated by Nancy Buchanan, Acorn Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2007

“Liberation Doll Parade,”  Flor y Canto, Los Angeles, CA, 2004

“Downtown,”  Side Street Projects, Los Angeles, CA, October, 2000

“Revisiting Mother Art,” A Shenere Velt Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 2000

“Artist Call,” traveling postcard show, Tucson, New York, Chicago, 1986 “Artist Call,” videos, Otis/Parsons, Los Angeles, CA, May 1986

“Just a Minute,” video show, LAICA, Los Angeles, CA, July 1985

“Imagine There’s A Future,” invitational exhibition at SPARC, Venice, CA, July 1985

“Outspeak,”  invitational exhibition, Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass. Feb. 1985

Flowers for Four Women/Flores Para Cuatro Mujeres, 1984

“Artists Call Exhibition,” Southern California Library for Social Research, Los Angeles, CA, October 1984

Homeless Women, “Women in Photography International Exhibit,” Eighth Street Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, August 1984

Homeless Women, installation, “Cotton Exchange Exhibition,” LACE, Los Angeles, CA, April 1984

The Liberty of Choice, installation/performance, “At Home Exhibition,” Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA, October 1983

“Fallout Fashion,” Exploratorium, California State University, L.A., Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 1983

L.A./ Guernica, installation, “Target L.A.,” Los Angeles, CA, 1982

“Art for Peace,” exhibition curated by Mother Art, Federal Building, Los Angeles, CA, October 1982 (exhibition closed after a few days due to censorship.)

The Museum of Illegal Abortion, installation, SPARC, Venice, CA, November 1981 “The Art of the Woman’s Building,” Woman’s Building, Los Angeles, CA, August 1980

“The Art of the Woman’s Building,” Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, IL. April 1980

“International Quilting Bee,” University of Texas, March 1980

Mother Art Cleans Up, installation in appliance store window, “Making it Safe,” exhibition,  Santa Monica, CA, 1979

Mother Art Cleans Up, “Working Together,” group show of women’s collectives, Exploratorium, Cal State University, L.A., CA, Feb. 1979

“Posters, Books, Postcards,” graphics art show, The Woman’s Building, Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 1978

“Art for Public Consumption,” art dialogs and potluck dinner, Los Angeles City Hall, L.A., CA, August 1978

“Southern California Postcard Show,” Exploratorium Gallery, Cal State University at L.A., CA, May 1978 “Mother Art”, group show, First Unitarian Church, L.A., CA April 1978

“What is Feminist Art?” The Woman’s Building, L.A., CA Feb. 1977

“Second By Mothers Show,” The Woman’s Building, L.A., CA, July 1976

“By Mothers Show and Month of Events,” The Woman’s Building, L.A., CA, May 1975


Mother Art Cleans Up City Hall Redux, L. A. City Hall, Occupy L.A., October, 2012

Not Even If It’s You, Church In Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA, November 1981

MOTHER $AVE$, Doo Dah Parade, Pasadena, CA, November 1980

Power Roles for Women in the 80’s, float,Doo Dah Parade, Pasadena, CA, December 1979

Mother Art Cleans Up City Hall, Los Angeles City Hall, May 1978

Mother Art Cleans Up the Banks, The New Artspace Conference, at two banks in Los Angeles, April 1978

Laundrymaze, Women’s Caucus for the Arts and the College Art Association Conference, Woman’s Building, Los Angeles, CA February 1977

Laundry Works, a series of 5 performances that transformed laundromats throughout Los Angeles, Oct-Dec, 1977 (funded by a California Arts Council grant.)

Laundry Ritual, performance at the Mayor’s Conference on the Status of Women, Los Angeles Convention Center, October 1975


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